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Pet chamber

Hard Type Pet Chamber: material: Polycarbonate
Size / weight (90 cm x Ø 60 cm, 60 kg), pressure 3 psi
flux : 85L/min, Specification: Dual Head Oilless
Soft Type Pet Chamber: material: Air-wall Type, PU Installation space :
1.5 m × 2.5 m (130 cm × Ø 70 cm, 18 kg), Pressure 3 psi; Flux : 85 L/min;
Specification: Dual Head Oilless


The postoperative patient benefits greatly from HBOT. Immediate results include the reduction of tissue swelling
and inflammation - and the decrease in pain associated with these processes.

Some examples of surgical procedures that benefit particularly from HBOT include :

Gastric dillation and volvulus, and the associated reperfusion injuries
Fracture repair, especially open fractures or those involving malunion or nonunion
Skin grafts
Ear canal ablation

Early HBOT greatly improves the prognosis for many acute conditions and decreases the likeli-hood of their becoming
chronic problems. Some examples of these conditions include :
Wounds - especially degloving, necrotic, and non-healing wounds
Neuropathies - including nonsurgical intervertebral disc disease and limb paralysis / paresis
Crush injuries
Burns and smoke inhalation
Head and spinal cord trauma
Otitis - especially involving Pseudomonas as HBOT breaks down the organism's defenses and greatly increases drug
penetration Crush injuries
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an important tool in companion animal medicine. It also improves metabolism, aging and stress problem. From the canine athlete to the family pet, the possibilities for this treatment modality are endless

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