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Ozone H3000

The simplified installation of the roller and peripherals allows you to change the layout, facilitating patient observation and protecting the observation window. Protected with multiple spare connectors to fit other options World-class camera technology offers security. Able to press up to 3 ATA.



Chamber: with 1.1 ~ 3.0 ATA fill
■ Withaut Oxygen mask
■ Communication device: Possible to talk between patient and operator
■ Air and oxygen pressure measuring device and manual control device: installation
■ Design Pressure: 3.2 ATA; Operating Pressure: 1.1 ATA ~ 3.0 ATA
■ Maximum Capacity: 1 Bed slide system provides easy access for burn patients and patients with reduced mobility
■ Simplified caster mounting and peripherals allow layout changes
■ Easy observation of patients by securing observation window
■ Secured a number of spare connectors for mounting other options
■ World-class chamber technology ensures safety
■ Secure automatic control system for easy chamber depressurization and pressurization
■ Safe systemic hyperbaric oxygen therapy that can withstand high pressure
■ Maintain proper pressure and ensure safety by adopting solenoid valve, proportional control valve and spring valve
■ Digital Pressure Sensor: Signals the pressure in the chamber to the controller
■ Pressure control proportional valve: Maintains the pressure set in each mode by receiving a pressure signal from the controllerOnly for doctors 

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